Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Last Friday morning at play group I was asked if we were going to the Pinewood Derby that evening (family version).  Ryan was given his racer to personalize a couple weeks beforehand, but alas, with all of the sickness and other stuff going on, we'd forgotten the date was coming up.  I sent Ryan a text, and he was certain he could whip up something after work.   While I was out getting my hair cut.  (Seriously, it's been like 9 months and I needed it.)

So Ryan set to work with his saw, power drill, acrylic paints and my hair dryer with ALL of his little helpers.  The girls picked the colors, and some super sparkly, glittery finish to gloss over the whole thing.  Ryan got a casing from a 30-06 and put it on front to give it a more "masculine" touch.

There were 25 entries, Little Caesar's pizza and pop- recipe for a serious Derby party.  Note to self though- we may need to spend a little more time on next year's model.  We weren't the absolute worst, but almost. 


Natalie said...

I love the sparkle paint. Way to go team Kannely!!

Bingham Family said...

Hee hee... what a super dad for painting it with sparkles. That's a fun idea for a family party!

Britt said...

At least your car didn't stop halfway down the track. The night before at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, Reid's "pencil car" literally stopped on the steepest part of the track. He and Derek were so focused on making the car look like a real pencil that they didn't account for the fact that the angles of the hexagon would prevent the wheels from spinning! :) It was pretty funny.

I loved the glitter car-- what a fun memory for your girls!