Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adventures and Misadventures

I'm not sure what I was planning today, but it certainly didn't look like what happened. 

I took Emma to SEEK before school this morning.  She complained of a scratchy throat and an upset stomach before we left, but I sent her anyway.  Exactly 30 minutes later, I got a call from Emma saying she was sick and wanted to come home.  So I dropped Elizabeth off at school and picked Emma up in one swoop.  Go me. 

A little snooping later, I think the real reason for the "sick symptoms" was probably due to a flashlight and book found in Emma's bed.  Who knows how late she was up.  Anyway, after a rest, she was rearing to go.  I reminded Emma that she was technically home sick, and she did not get to go outside and play, or anything super fun. 

We did watch Harry Potter 2, and do a couple of quieter activities.  Just before Daddy got home, we got the nail polish out and I cut and painted the twins' nails.  Emma was next.  I thanked her for being patient, and started painting her nails.  Part way through painting her toe nails, she was swinging her other foot and she totally spilled a whole lot of nail polish on our living room rug.  Gah!!!!!!!!

Literally 5 seconds later, Ryan walked through the door. 

Between Ryan, myself, a bottle of carpet cleaner, 3 towels and a whole lot of elbow grease, we got our rug cleaned. 

Once that catastrophe was adverted, Ryan and I talked about going to Lowes (a half hour away) to pick up a new set of living room blinds (as I killed the one we have about a week ago.  Somehow opening the blinds on a daily basis is hard usage on cheap blinds.).  We would make an early dinner and then go.

As I was making dinner, Elizabeth informed us that her 1st grade concert was tonight.

Seriously?  How did I miss that?  All righty then.  In my defence, I don't think they sent home ANY notices before the one today.  I swear I read them all.  I think?

We arrived early.  I sent Elizabeth up to the front and we found our seats.  As we waited, Maddie said she needed to go potty.  Ryan took her.  About a minute later, I got a text from Ryan saying puking was imminent. 

So I took a bunch of pictures for Ryan.  He missed Elizabeth's concert. 

I want this flu bug to be over.  So. Very. Much.

Elizabeth did a great job.  She did the actions with the songs, and better than most.  She was even facing forward most of the time. :)

Sorry these last couple of posts have been downers.  It's been a rough ride.

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