Friday, March 23, 2012

Find a happy place

I was hoping today would be better than yesterday, but it was not.  Today was hard.  Both Annie and Maddie had the stomach flu again, despite the anti nausea medication.  I am tired.  And worried. 

So on that happy note, I thought I would share my cherry blossom pictures.  I took them on Monday.  This is my attempt at finding my "happy place."
Spring in on its way. 


Tasha said...

Beautiful pictures! Cherry blossoms are my absolute favorite. They are no where close to blooming here though.

I'm so sorry the twins aren't getting over their flu. Did their doctor not seem worried about it? I can't imagine how draining that must be for you. I hope they get well very, very soon!

Danae said...

Our doctor just said these things can last a couple of weeks. The only thing to do is keep the kids drinking "clear" fluids and pedialyte and keep a wary eye out for dehydration. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

brooke said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so ready for spring too. I hope everyone starts feeling better by spring break!