Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday

My (oldest) baby turned 9.  Nine.  NINE years old. 

Wow.  I'm amazed that she has gotten so big.  And smart.  And she's such a good helper.

We kept the birthday festivities low-key this year- we just spent the day as a family.  (After our extra-early church due to daylight savings time starting.  Ugh.)  Emma got to choose what we had for lunch and dinner.  We enjoyed an afternoon movie, opened presents, and generally had a nice day.

Certain sisters were having a difficult time watching someone else opening presents:
(Seriously, it was killing the twins.  How come Emma got to open presents?)
Emma asked for Kraft macaroni and cheese for lunch, and crepes and sausages for dinner. 
Cake time.
We had fun taking silly pictures.

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