Monday, March 5, 2012

Feels Like Spring

Yesterday the weather was amazing.  There was a sunny sky and wonderfully warm temperatures.  After church we wanted to be outside and soak in those rays.  Elizabeth, Annie and Maddie decided they wanted to soak up more than just some rays of sunshine. 
Ryan wanted to clear out the garden area.  The girls got a little carried away turning over the dirt. 
I love the dirty little toes. 
Ryan took advantage of the sunshine and fired up his grill for the first time this year.  (And talked with his mom and dad on the phone.  What a nice guy.)  He was using our house phone as his time piece and didn't realize that we don't change the time on the phone to account for DST and back.  He actually started the chicken at 3:30 and then "yelled" at me for letting him start it so early.  (I left church early because I was sick and dead tired.  If he wanted to fix dinner and do it early, who was I to complain?)  So when we were asked to go to the park at 4:15, since dinner was already done, we left it to go play until dinner time.  Ryan got to play frisbee with some other guys, and I got to sit and talk to some other moms.  When I wasn't pushing kids on the swings, that is.

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Bingham Family said...

We've had a lot of false alarms with spring weather. I love the snow, but 60 degree weather in February is getting me itchy to garden. Your kiddos look so cute in the dirt!