Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ear Piercing

Emma has been pestering us to get her ears pierced, so yesterday we went to the mall.  Before we went into Claire's, we had a little discussion about finishing what you start regardless of how much it hurts.  She was quite sure she was ready for this.
 Waiting for Mom to fill out the paperwork.
Does anyone remember those great, big metal "guns" they used to pierce ears with?  They don't use those anymore. 
Ta da!  Done.

I felt a momentary twinge when she got her first ear pierced.  It was a similar feeling to the one I get when I witness any of my girls getting a shot.  I have a hard time watching any of them getting hurt, whether for immunizations or vanity.

Emma was so excited about her pierced ears.  She's been swinging her head and telling everyone we met about her new earrings.  It's so cute.

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Ellerbeck Family News said...

Congrats on the ear piercing!!!
Love Aunt Jeanne