Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Fall Craftiness}

A couple weeks ago, I found this pumpkin tutorial and I thought, I have got to make me a couple of those.  I browsed the local fabric selection and decided it would have to wait.  (Ugh, Walmart.  'Nough said.)

Eventually I found myself in Y- and I stopped by a fabric store.  I spent $6 on fabric and I was set.  I already had stuffing and felt, so I got out the sewing machine after lunch and made two pumpkins.  They came out really cute, so I sent a picture message to my sister-in-law and proudly pointed them out to Ryan when he got home from work.

He thought they were great.  And he wanted about 8 more in 36 hours for his FFA fair display.

(I'm impressed.  Ryan can take my happy little craft project and it turn it into something stressful.  Oh well.) 

I got very little else done yesterday, but by the time I got to bed last night, the pumpkins were done!
I put them in a plastic garbage sack and drove them up to the fair (along with a whole lot of other stuff piled in the back of the minivan) this morning.  Ryan took the school pickup full of produce, display board, hops and students up to the fair, and I followed along behind with the twins and all the decorations.

I hope everyone is very nice to my pumpkins because I want them back.  And soon.  I'm counting the days until they can come home. :)

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Ellerbeck Family News said...

They are darling!! You have a pumpking field!
Love Aunt Jeanne