Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunshine Days

This morning after Emma's soccer game, we took the girls down to the Sunshine Days parade.  Our town is fond of a good parade, and anyone who is anyone finds a way to participate and the parade goes on and on.  I think a 45 minute parade is pretty long for a town of our size.  We stood right at the start of the parade and scored big in the candy department.  The kids were stoked.

Afterwards we walked down to the hospital for some entertainment and a health fair for kids.  Cowboy Buck and Elizabeth were there to serenade us.  Emma got picked to go up and help with one of the songs.  We think the puppet Peter had a bit of a crush on Emma.
I, of course, being the prepared mom that I am, did not bring the camera and had to make due with my little cell phone camera.

(Perhaps you can tell- we were a little short on sunshine for our Sunshine Days.)

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