Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

The high school where Ryan works is undergoing a remodel.  After Thanksgiving break last year, Ryan was no longer in his classroom, since his building was going to be torn down.  Many of the teachers being bumped got temporary classrooms somewhere else, but Ryan was one of the special few who got to be a traveling teacher.  This means Ryan had a different classroom each period.  The school paid for a large hiking backpack for him, and that was essentially Ryan's "office" for the rest of the school year.

So he's been looking forward to having a classroom again.

Originally, the 1st phase was supposed to be done Aug. 12th for teachers to start moving in.

About that time, an article in the newspaper ran with an article saying the remodel was "on time" and "under budget" and the move-in time would be Aug 24th.

Next we got a letter from the Superintendent saying teacher move-in day was the 25th, but this is still considered "on time" and the project is "under budget."

Teachers arrived on this day.  Some laughed.  Some panicked.  Some had their stress-levels go haywire.

It was no where near done. 

Ryan didn't have his boxes of supplies arrive in his room for another week.

Within this last week or so, the heating and cooling got up and running, Ryan's outlets worked- didn't- and now maybe work again, the building was cleaned- worked on- and got construction dust everywhere again.

The doors never arrived, so the old doors got installed in the new buildings.  Certain windows are not on-site, and so not installed.  Ryan's tables are in his room, and told that the table tops would be installed after the first day of school.

Excuse me?

So Ryan is putting them together. 

This is what Ryan's new class room looked like 2 days ago.
Those boxes belong to another teacher, and were just stored there until yesterday when Ryan found himself a fork lift and helped them find a new home.

No worries, though.  The remodel is "on time" and "under budget."

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