Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Message Me

I had a meeting tonight.  I met with the other members of the Primary (kids at church) presidency, the music director and pianist, to discuss the upcoming Primary program.  It was to start at 8 pm and last a half hour.  (That would be amazingly short...)  I didn't want to be there too long, so I told Ryan to shoot me a text message after a while.  This is something we do for each other, in case a meeting drags on and we need an excuse to leave. 

At 9 pm sharp, I got this message:

"If you don't come home soon I am going to wake up all the kids, make them cry, and feed them chocolate and marshmallows and soda, and get them dirty.  See you soon."

I laughed out loud.  Good thing I was already in the car, ready to come home.  (This is not a typical example of Ryan's reason-to-escape text.)