Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Which Danae Becomes a Soccer Mom

Tonight was a big night for us.  Ryan had his soccer coaching debut (his soccer-anything, coaching-anything debut, actually), and Elizabeth played soccer for the first time. 
Ryan and his team of 1st grade girls
Elizabeth is the girl in the pink soccer socks.

I had one of my "bad mom moments" again tonight.  Emma preferred sitting by the team, leaving me to chase the twins around 3 other simultaneous soccer games.  Along our wanderings, we found some friends we knew, so we sat down to watch their game for a few minutes.  And... then I noticed that Annie was missing.

And Ryan was holding her.

I asked him later how long he had held Annie.  "Oh, about a minute is all.  Everyone laughed when she ran out."  

I can't even have a conversation at soccer games, I guess.  Those girls run away so fast.  And then I got to walk off the field holding a kicking and screaming 2-year-old.


Bingham Family said...

Go Danae! We are about to enter soccer chaos again. (I'm coaching three teams). So I am the one with the two-year-old always running on the fields. But you take the cake with two! good luck and have fun!

Ellerbeck Family News said...

Go Ryan-- (and Elizabeth/and all)
John was are only child to try soccer! Braden plays and Nichole is a soccer mom. They are fun games to watch!
Love Aunt Jeanne