Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop, Go

I find it interesting to watch the twins.  They get along really well.  For two-year-olds anyway. 

Annie and Maddie have recently discovered stopping, going and going fast in the car.  Every time the car stops, someone yells from the back, "Go Mommy!"  ("It's a red light.  Red light means stop.  Tell me when you see a green light- that means 'Go.'")  If I don't seem to be going fast enough, I hear, "Go fast Mommy!"  ("I am going as fast as I can.  This is not the freeway.")

This has spilled over into other aspects of our lives.  When I push the grocery cart, I hear, "Stop!  Go!  Stop!  Stop!  Go!  Stop!"  They prefer it when I play along.

Then yesterday Annie and Maddie were in the living room when Annie started telling Maddie to stop and go.  They giggled while Maddie played Annie's game.  That's the great thing about twins- where else do you find a two-year-old playing a game with another two-year-old?  (If only they would use their twin super powers for good creativity, instead of the other kind...)

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Natalie said...

Reminds me of the Go, Dogs, Go book. We've been reading it a lot lately!