Friday, September 30, 2011


This week I took the twins up to the fair for FFA day.  They are a little young for high school, you say?  Well, as Ryan was spending the school day at the fair with some of his students, we thought we would go see Ryan during his work day. 

I got to see how his display turned out.
After walking around (where we got stopped by other FFA teachers to chat frequently), we had lunch.  I brought a picnic lunch, but we supplemented with fair food.  But not the Deep Fried Butter.  Can you imagine?  Deep. Fried. Butter.  Seriously?  I think my cholesterol went up just passing by that booth.
We stopped by the Wool Growers Assoc. for some lamb ribs.
It is tradition to get Elephant Ears.  This is Annie not wanting to share hers.


Ellerbeck Family News said...

Ron really liked the fair display. He made me blow it up bigger to look at it closer! Very colorful and professional looking
love Aunt Jeanne

Natalie said...

I agree --awesome display