Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Terrible Twos

I think Annie and Maddie are conspiring to convince me it is not worth showering.

Monday afternoon I put them down for their nap and jumped in the shower.  About 5 minutes later my clean clothes were in the toilet, they had stripped down and joined me in the shower.  So I plugged the tub and decided they can't get into too much trouble in the bath.

I had to leave the bathroom to go find new clothing.

Annie and Maddie pulled every towel into the bath with them by the time I got back.

I went down to the laundry room to make room in the washing machine for some stuff.  (This generally requires me moving the dry clothes out of the dryer, and the wet clothes out of the washer.)  When I came back, it took me a second to realize why the floor was so shiny.  Obviously Annie and Maddie's boat (which was the bathtub) was taking on water, and they needed to bail it out.

I may have shaken my fists in the general direction of the bathtub.

I didn't shower again until today.  I put it off as long as possible after last time, and with good reason.

Again, I got the twins down for their nap and got ready for a quick shower.  About 8 minutes later Maddie came into the bathroom to tell me she was "stinky" and Annie had "pee'd."  Usually she doesn't tell me about Annie's diaper situation, so I figured something funky was up.

It was.

Annie had taken off her diaper to put on a too-small bathing suit that I thought was packed away in their closet.  Then she had an accident on her floor.  Annie looked at me with her big eyes when I got to her room, and said, "Uh oh, Mommy.  Clean up!"


Christopher and Jana said...

Sounds a lot like my life right now too! I'm sorry! hopefully it will get better and not worse!

Natalie said...

It is so funny when everyone wants to join in the shower. Kathryn thinks it is the greatest thing and wakes up early so she can shower with me. I am ready for some me time and a little bit of privacy! Seriously!!

Bingham Family said...

So many days are like that. Sigh! I was asked once (in church) "what would you do if you had ten extra minutes?" Everyone else gave all the "right"answers... I said something about showering and taking time to shave my legs.

Good luck!

Danae said...

Haha Annie! I totally back you up on your "right" answer. A shower alone is something I dream about! :)