Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sticky Fingers

Having twin 2-year-olds has been an adventure.  One day, though, they are going to get me in trouble.

I took the kids with me shopping this morning.  We wandered the mall, and played in the kids area.  I picked up a little cardigan sweater at JC Penneys, and later checked out DownEast Basics.  The twins, like most little girls, love anything sparkly.  They piled on as many bracelets as their little arms could hold while I was looking at the necklaces.  Once I was done looking we put all those bracelets away, and checked out the clearance.  I found something I wanted to try on, so I herded us into a dressing room.  In the time it took me to change my shirt, Maddie had found the dental floss in my purse and was pulling about 2 yards out, and Annie was putting bracelets on her arms.


Yep, there were about 3 or 4 more in the JC Penney bag.  Oh dear.

So I decided against the shirt, and went back over to the jewelry to put the bracelets away.  Instead I bought a necklace, which (hopefully) explained why I was back over in the jewelry area.

I double checked both my purse and bags before leaving the mall.

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