Thursday, December 20, 2012


Annie and Maddie had a play date with their friend Jane today after lunch.  I may have clapped my hands for joy at the thought of going to do errands alone.  While at the infamous Walmart, I remembered how annoyed  I've been with my reflection in the mirror of grown out highlights.  So, I swung through the hair dye aisle and tried to find a color similar to my own.  I didn't find any light browns in the semi-permanent, but I found a medium brown that I thought might work.  

Fast forward- I rinsed the dye from my hair and looked at the mirror.  Whoa.  

That. Is. Red.  
I looked at the clock.  Annie and Maddie had no specified time that they were due home, but it could be anytime.  I needed to wash my hair.  Several times.  So I called Ryan and asked him when he'd be home.  He estimated that he would leave "soon."  I said I really needed him.  His interest was piqued and he got home sooner than I expected.

Ryan told me it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Ha.  If Gilbert Blythe was around, he would have pulled my braid and called me, "Carrots."  It was every bit as bright as I thought it was.

I washed my hair three times.  It's marginally better.  I'm hoping by church on Sunday, I won't be mistaken for Anne Shirley anymore.

Ryan keeps saying- It's not that bad.  It's a good color on you. etc.  The kids, on the other hand, tell me I look like [a lady with unnaturally red hair] and, "Your hair looks funny."


Annie and Family said...

HA! Love Anne of Green Gables! And I agree with Ryan... at least in the picture, it doesn't look bright red. Hope you are happy with it by Sunday.

Heidi E said...

I love Anne too! But I think the color does look good on you, and not too bright :)

Tasha said...

I think it's cute and not too bright as well!