Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lighted Implement Parade

Yesterday night was our local Lighted Implement Parade.  Ryan went down early, and we joined him at about 6 pm.  The parade officially started at 6:30, and we were almost at the very end, so it was about 7 pm before we started moving.  But before the parade started, we took a tour of the parade floats.

Ryan's FFA float.
 The kids in front of the truck (which pulls the float).
The kids receiving the 5th candy cane of the day....

 Santa driving a... tractor?
If only this hearse was decked out in white lights.  They should totally get a smoke machine and have speakers with a mysterious voice saying, "Scrooooooooge."  hehehe
We all piled into the truck and got ready to go.  And eat.  It was a good thing I packed snacks.  We had a long wait.

Our view of the parade.  The weather was really nice, and I think it more people came to watch because of it.

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