Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Clothes

Ah, I love this time of year.  Ryan wears his Christmas sweater on the last day of school for 2012.
 (The twins and I went to the high school for lunch.  We ate in the cafeteria with all the high school students, and got to watch all the kids admire the sweater.)

And today was the Sunday before Christmas, so it was the official Wear Your Christmas Dress day.  I had to practically threaten the kids into smiling.  ("Come on guys.  I'm going to make you stand there until you put a decent smile on your face!")

Ryan wore the sweater again.  But he wore it under his suit jacket and would surreptitiously show individuals of his choosing the infamous sweater.


Bridget said...

Is Ryan's sweater actually yours? It's a little on the small side. Ha ha.

I love the girls' boots. So cute. You all look fantastic!

Danae said...

Yes, the sweater is technically mine.