Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Sheets

Back in August when we bought our new (queen-sized!!) bed, we obviously had to buy a larger set of sheets.  We've been making do with one set, but a second set of sheets was on my Christmas wish list.  One day at Costco, I found a nice set for a decent price and then wrapped them up and put them under our Christmas tree.

Ryan put them on our bed on Christmas day after we'd opened presents.  He thought the sheets felt really nice and we were excited to sleep on our pretty new sheets.

In the middle of the night and while I was asleep, my head jerked around and hit the bed pretty hard.  (Luckily the bed is soft.)  I opened my eyes to see Ryan using my pillow to get comfortable.  I'm not exactly sure of the words I said at the time, but it was something like, "Dude!  What was THAT for??!?!?!!?"  I am so articulate in the middle of the night.

Ryan sheepishly gave back my pillow.  He said that his pillow had slipped away while he was asleep and his hand had just grabbed the first pillow it felt with his eyes still closed.

I was not impressed by this information, and turned away from Ryan to get comfortable.  Ryan said the next day that he decided it was best to not cuddle up to me right then.  He thought he felt angry vibes emanating from my side of the bed.

And he would have been right.

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