Saturday, December 22, 2012

the Nativity

We spent the evening with our friends for Christmas party.  We went caroling at an assisted living center, then went to James and Tiffany's for tamales, beans and rice.  (It was good!)  

Then we got the kids ready to act out the First Christmas story.
 Ryan, Annie, Elizabeth and Noah
 L-R with parts: Elijah (Shepherd), Maddie (Shepherd), Keziah (Wise Woman), Noah (Wise Man), Patrick (Wise Man), Kennedy (Mary), Jaxon (Joseph), Savannah (Angel), Emma, Annie and Elizabeth (all Angels)  We thought it would be best to get a cast picture before the play, and before the costumes got messed up.  Maddie looked kind of "granola" for an ancient shepherd from Bethlehem.  Ah well, you do what you can with the props you have available.
 I have some cute "angels."
Afterwards, we had a White Elephant exchange.  We explained ahead of time to the kids, and they did really well when their gifts were stolen.  We came home with some "fuzzoodles," the biggest bar of soap ever, Cracker Jacks, a chocolate orange, and other exciting things.

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