Monday, December 10, 2012

The Christening of the Kitchen

It seems to be a tradition in our household for Ryan to christen the kitchen.  Over the years our kitchens has been sprayed by all kinds of things.  Baking soda and vinegar, enchilada sauce, and hot fudge sauce have been amongst the most memorable.  Now hot chocolate has christened our new home's kitchen.

Annie was less than amused.  
(I may or may not have said something like, "Don't wipe your face before I get the camera!")

Ryan was trying to melt mint chocolate chips into the hot chocolate in the blender.  I guess once the liquid hits the boiling point, it sprays out of the blender, lid or no.  We learn something new every day
 After we thought we'd cleaned up the mess, we found spray on the other side of the kitchen.  Note, the arrow is several feet from where Ryan was standing- on the other side of the rug.


Tasha said...

I had no idea the temperature played a part in it shooting out the top. I can't even remember the first thing to spill all over my floor here...

Danae said...

Oh, we've had plenty of spills. I only record the epic explosions. :)