Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

For Independence Day we went to our city's parade.  (It was not one of our best.  It was very short, and they kept stopping for unknown reasons.)
For lunch we invited a family over for a BBQ, and then had a quiet dinner at home.  (Sorry, no pictures.)

Our ward at church rented the city pool and we had a fun time there after the pool officially closed for the day.  While we were swimming, word got around that the city's fireworks show was cancelled.  While speculation ran rampant, it turns out the truck broke down on its way to deliver our fireworks and didn't call to tell the people in charge or make other arrangements until it was too late.  Super lame.

Not wanting the city to completely ruin our evening plans, we invited a bunch of people over to our house for s'mores and sparklers.

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