Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Santa Cruz

Today started with breakfast with Grandma Skip, and then walked over to great-grandma and grandpa K.  This time I remembered to bring the camera.
Grandpa Kenny had a stroke last summer.  We are so happy that he is home again, and we were able to visit with them.

Afterwards, we drove out to Santa Cruz and checked out the Boardwalk.  We all went on the Loggers Revenge.
(Please excuse my husband.  He's forgotten how to smile for the camera.)
Emma and Elizabeth got their own log to ride.  Ryan and I took the twins.  We all got wet.
The view from the top of the ride.  (When did I turn into one of those people taking pictures with their phone on a ride?  Sheesh.)

Then we walked over to the carousel.
The girls are all old enough to ride by themselves.  (What???  Already?)  Annie climbed up all by herself and put on her belt, but Maddie still needed my help with the restraining belt.  (At least I am still a little needed.)  Then I climbed off the ride, and Ryan and I watched the girls.

When we were done at the boardwalk, we walked down to the pier.
And watched the sea lions.
Who watched us back.

Then we had a fish cracker snack.

When we were done, we headed back.  Our dinner plans with Ryan's cousin Matthew and family fell through, and since no one else was expecting us for dinner, we went out to eat.  The kids all voted for pizza, and the first place we found, we walked into, expecting some Mom and Pop establishment.

The giant tv playing some Spanish soap opera should have tipped us off.  The pizza was mediocre, and served on those super thin paper plates that you buy at Walmart, with plastic forks.  For the price we paid, they should have at least handed out paper plates that didn't soak up all the grease and then disintegrate.  Or maybe two paper plates each?

Ah well.  Memories...

Ryan entertained us by doing a "bad lip reading" of the soap opera.  We had a good laugh.

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