Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Beard

I feel I am somewhat to blame.  As an off comment, I said to Ryan, "Wouldn't it be funny if you showed up to the pre-wedding big dinner with Brynne's soon-to-be in-laws looking all scraggly because you haven't shaved in a couple weeks?"  Ryan got a gleam in his eye, and proceeded to call his brother.  They made a pact to not shave and look unkempt for the meeting of Curt's family.  (I would just like to say we were throwing around odd ideas to make each other laugh as, "What If" scenarios.  Just because weddings are often stressful, and we will be sleeping 6 to one bedroom for several nights, and that's enough to make me feel... a little crazy-eyed.)

8 days later, we have this:
 (I played around with the picture until it really looks like something that belongs on America's Most Wanted.  If he ever gets in trouble with the law, I'm sure the news stations are going to grab this photo from his facebook page and use it.  He looks like a creeper who hasn't brushed his hair in months.)
 Without the awful mullet wig and camo hat, here he is:
All of the ladies in his life stopped wanting to kiss him.  He was too prickly.


Tasha said...

That first picture is seriously almost creepy!

Danae said...

I know! But we were both having a "late night" (aka 10:30 pm) laugh fest trying to get a picture where Ryan isn't smiling. We were stupid tired by that time of the night.