Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monday Night

Last night we went to the annual summer High Priest BBQ potluck.  As it landed on Monday night (as in FHE), the whole family was invited.  While we are still the youngest family in the high priest group, at least a couple more families with younger kids have been added to the mix.  (Those bishopric callings get you every time...)

During the lesson portion of the evening, someone took this picture of us and posted it to facebook.
 That's me in the red shirt and pony tail, and those are Ryan's legs in the lower right corner.

For dessert, there were paletas, or creamy Mexican popsicles.  (Really good, by the way.)  The temperatures have been soaring in the 100 degrees and hotter range this week, causing the kids' paletas to melt quickly.  Annie's blue colored bubble gum flavored one made an especially big mess.  When she was done, before I could find her a napkin, (see picture above-- no napkins available) she started waving her hands around vigorously.  Two seconds later, my whole left side was covered in sticky blue melted paleta spots.  I looked at Ryan, and he being the stellar husband that he is, laughed.  He required a very pointed request to go find napkins to be useful.

Afterwards there was swimming for those who wished.

Dad #1 (Brent, son of the hosts) urged Dad #2 (Jory) to go down head first and on his stomach.  After a good splash, Dad #3 (Ryan) thought he could make a better splash, and went down too.
They went back and forth a few times before Dad #1 declared Dad #2 winner of best belly flop.  (Jory had the red marks to prove it.)  Then they let the kids take over the water slide, and even encouraged them not to go down head first.

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