Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedding part 2

Cousin Colin was excited to decorate the get-away car.  Ryan took Colin to go get the supplies in between the wedding and the reception and they had fun.  They let the rest of us participate in the decoration.  Brynne of course expected it, so Curt and Brynne drove her car to the reception, and parked Curt's clean car at the in-laws to take on the honeymoon.  But we got that one too (thanks, Michael), but just with the window marker.  heh heh heh. 

There were heart shaped sparklers for us to light to say goodbye to the couple.
 Too bad they were mostly burned out by the time Brynne and Curt walked out the door.  Oh well.
 Balloons, streamers, and marshmallows, oh my.

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