Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wedding Weekend Continued, or Duct Tape Rockets

Uncle Jon and family have made Ryan really jealous with their posts and videos on facebook about their rocket activities.  They built their own launcher, and then let the kids make their own rockets made from a paper template and duct tape.  They were kind enough to bring their launcher and the supplies to make rockets with them from California, so that is what we all did Sunday afternoon.
 Then we had to walk down to the park and see how well our rockets did.

 The kids always ran after their rockets to bring them back.

Simon launched Grandpa's rocket once, and it scared him.  He did not like the noise at all.  So he ate the rocket.
Ha!  Take that.

Well, everyone loved the rocket launcher so much that 4 more were made over the next couple of days.  (I may have lost Ryan to those projects for many an hour.  He's pretty handy and his skills were needed.)

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