Monday, July 15, 2013

Brynne and Curt's Wedding

(I am trying to get the blog up to date, so there are a bunch of new posts if you scroll down.  I was trying to put them in order.)

Saturday, July 13th was a lovely day for a wedding.  It was sunny, which is really all you can hope for in the Seattle area even in the summer.
 The wedding started at 1 pm, so everyone had lots of time to get ready.

(Side story- while we were waiting for the wedding to begin, a member of another wedding party came up to me and Blair and asked if we were sisters, the cousins one side of the family they hadn't met yet.  They were amazed to hear we aren't related, except as in-laws.  This isn't the first time we've been mistaken as sisters when we are together.  It's funny that people don't see the resemblance between our husbands who are related.  Blair and I joke around that we really must be related.  We both have family on our dads' sides that we haven't met, so.... maybe it's entirely possible. :)  )  Although why they don't see the resemblance between these two silly guys is beyond me:
(There may have been a lot of wait time before Brynne and Curt made their appearance outside the temple.)

The bride and groom.
Michael, Blair, Ryan and I were all eager to get back to my in-laws.  Visiting relatives were watching all the kids.  I'm sure we made everyone very happy by rushing out of there as soon as we possibly could (to the detriment of the zillions of pictures we could have taken, but kept to a minimum).  Parts of northbound I-405 were closed, so it took us rather longer to get back.  We returned with just enough time to get all the kids ready for the pictures before the reception (me vs. 6 little girls to get ready as Caitlin was a bridesmaid and not back yet), except the bride and groom and photographer hadn't arrived yet.  Oh well.  
 My beautiful group of flower girls.
 My girls and their visiting California and Oregon cousins.

Ryan and Simon

 Finally it was time for pictures.  The pictures of Brynne and Curt and their combined nine nieces and one lone nephew are my favorite.
 Simon was not a happy camper.  I'm curious to see how the "real" photos turn out.  Will Simon get his face swapped in photoshop for a happier expression?  Not to mention Amy was more interested in screaming Simon than the camera.

This is the one lone picture there is of me, and it's because I asked someone to take our picture.  After getting a peek at the pictures everyone else took with their phones and cameras, I am starting to wonder if I am, in fact, invisible to the naked eye.  If I were a 6 foot rabbit, you could call me Harvey.  At least there's this one picture as proof I was actually there.  With false eyelashes. :)

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