Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4th Grade Concert

Elizabeth informed me before bed last night that she needed a train engineer costume for her concert.  I had known she had a part in the concert, and she brought home a paper a few nights ago saying that the 3rd and 4th grade concert dress had to do with careers.  There were several options on that piece of paper of career outfits, and I figured nice clothes would be fine for "business dress."  No need to worry.  Well, I was wrong.  Elizabeth was insistent that because she was part of the train crew, she needed something else.  

So I spent part of my morning and afternoon tracking down a few things.  During my morning walk, I had Chantel offer to give Elizabeth a bandana, and I got another friend to lend me a pair of suspenders.  I did not luck out finding a train engineer hat, but Elizabeth looked pretty good anyway.
 The group shot.  The rest of the girls told me they were going to photo bomb.
The concert was good.  Elizabeth did a good job with her part, and I will load the pictures from the camera later when I load all the camera pictures onto the computer.

Ok, I am finally getting around to adding those pictures.  Here is Elizabeth.  She was excited to be one of the group of "characters," meaning she got to be with the special group and not just standing with her class.

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