Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day

A big shout out thanks to our neighbor for letting Ryan feed his farmer habit this morning.  (aka Ryan borrowed the tractor this morning for some major rototilling.)
 It was a gorgeous day.  We got a lot done outside.  Emma spent the day at the middle school working on her science fair board with the science fair club, but the rest of us spent the day outside.  We trimmed raspberries, planted garlic, burned yard waste, got the chickens and turkeys moved, and generally cleaned up the yard.  Ryan's bees were happy and flying around.  We saw some coming back to the hive with pollen.  Yes, pollen.  I couldn't believe it at first either.  It's February for crying out loud.  But I was wearing a short sleeved shirt, and sneezing a bunch, so spring must be on its way.

There was an amazingly beautiful sunset tonight too.

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