Thursday, February 12, 2015


I regularly kill indoor flowers.  When Ryan buys me flowers, he often buys the kinds that are still living.  I suppose even when I forget to water the plants he buys, they still do last longer than cut flowers.  They sit in the kitchen window and although I spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen, I still manage to forget about them.  Then I smuggle the crispy remains outside while Ryan is at work.  I suppose we should all take a moment to be thankful I'm not the same with my kids. I suppose it would be difficult to forget to feed and water my kids.  We can't get more than a couple of hours without, "I'm hungry, Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  Mom!Mom!Mom!Mom!"


This orchid has defied the odds, and continues to live even though I've had it for a year or so.  In fact, it's grown a couple of leaves, and is now blooming!  
I posted a picture of it on Instagram, and I had someone ask me how I got it to bloom.

Ignore it.

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