Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bed Time

Annie and Maddie haven't really used their bunk beds.  I don't think anyone has slept on the top bunk in ages.  Maddie kept a box of her preschool books up on the top bunk, and there were toys and other junk up there.  Annie and Maddie are still kind of wild sleepers, and we found them in some odd positions, like this one with Annie using Maddie's bum for a pillow.
I had this idea.  We could trade some of the beds in our house.  We could bring up the full sized bed that was in the guest room (I think one person has used it in the last year), and Annie and Maddie could use that.  I just had to convince Ryan.  I mean, I would have done it myself while Ryan was gone, but those bunk beds are horribly heavy, and someone or something would get hurt in the process.  Ryan said he would help when he got home.

Well, this is what we saw of Ryan:
 We got up at 9:30 am, had breakfast, and then Ryan crashed on the couch.  He got up for lunch, afterwards went upstairs to check his phone, and no one heard from him again for a couple of hours.  He did manage to stay awake long enough to come with us to the bread and soup social at the church in the evening.

After the social, Ryan helped me take down the bunk beds and bring up our old double bed.
Annie and Maddie were stoked.  The love their "new" bed.  We might as well embrace their need for closeness.  It hasn't changed as long as they've been out of their cribs.

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