Friday, February 20, 2015

Status Updates

Just logging some of the more interesting of my Facebook statuses, because it's easier than writing individually about each one.

So, Ryan isn't home and I left the kids talking to their grandma on FaceTime while I ran upstairs to use the bathroom.  One minute later I hear my mother-in-law's voice saying to, "Go ask your mom," and Maddie saying, "Ok!"  Not in a position to talk to anyone face to face and knowing how privacy minded my children are not, I yell through the door, "I can't talk right now- I'm going to the bathroom!"  I am rewarded by laughter from my mother-in-law Kim.

During dinner time last night, I had to remind the kids a couple of times that if they wanted dessert, they were going to have to finish their dinner.  After my last reminder, Annie looks at me and says, "Why do you have to be so rude?  Don't you know I'm human too?"  (Note, these are lyrics from the song, "Rude" by Magic!)

It might be a long day if you are ready to take a nap at 7 am.

Well, at least January was sickness free.  (Written February 2nd)

So, doing to one child what she was doing to her sister- a good object lesson, or bad parenting?

The checker at Winco guessed I was either a musician or an engineer based on what food I had and how it was arranged on the conveyor belt.  Um, no.  I would have guessed "Married to Michael Weston" based on how much yogurt I bought.

After watching yet another character die off, I've come to the conclusion that one does not watch MI-5 to become attached to the cast.

Is it still considered emotional eating if you have to wait two hours for the fudge to set up?  The January doldrums have set in...

Maddie is so excited to give her teacher a Christmas present that she took the initiative to get a gift bag all by herself.  She brought it to me saying home much Ms. P likes pink, so she was going to love this bag.  It was a Victoria's Secret bag.  Um....

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