Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Today when the kids got off the bus, Annie had her hands in her coat pockets.  I didn't think much about it until Maddie said Annie's hand were messy while we were walking to the house.  I gave her a funny look, and Annie took her hands out of her pockets.  They were blue.  And by blue, I mean really, really blue.
 I asked her what happened to her hands.  She informed me that her teacher did that to her hands.  "Like for a project?" I inquired.  She nodded.  So I asked how come her hands didn't get washed before she came home?

"There wasn't time."

That does not sound like her teacher.  Her teacher is a stickler for clean, organized, and following the rules.

While I was scrubbing Annie's hands with dish soap (hand soap was not doing justice to this mess) and a wash cloth, I was pressing her for more details about this supposed art project.  Maddie came in and said that Annie colored her hands on the bus.  Annie vehemently denied this.

Evidence in Annie's backpack corroborated Maddie's story.  That's when Annie knew the truth was out, felt embarrassed and cried.  Since the marker was not particularly washable, Annie's hands were blue all evening, and she was really touchy about any mention of the episode.  She was quite upset with me for sharing the above picture with her grandparents.

On the upside, Maddie is the only one of my kids to regularly give me love notes.  I love them.
"I love you cos (because) you are nis (nice) and you are cid (kind) you are o so nis (nice)."

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