Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bathroom Update

Ryan is gone this week.  I mean really gone.  He flew to Washington DC for a conference, and should be back sometime during the wee hours of Saturday morning.  I needed a project to keep my life interesting during my week of single parenting.  I chose the downstairs bathroom for my attack, and didn't mention it to Ryan.  In fact, I was in the planning stages of it while Ryan was still home.  I ordered gel stain online, and was pleased when it arrived last Friday.  The finish was en route, and I hoped it would arrive before I needed it.

So, this is the before picture.
Honey oak everywhere.  There was a small burn mark on the wood trim around the left side of the bathroom mirror that I was excited to cover up.  (The burn mark pre-dates our purchase of the house, I would just like to say.)

Monday morning, Elizabeth decided to get a fever and a cough.  She didn't really move much for most of the day.  But I didn't let a little thing like that stand in the way.  I taped up the bathroom.
 And went to work.
 It wasn't hugely pretty after round one, but by Wednesday it was looking respectable.
After the second coat of gel stain, I told Ryan about what I was doing to the bathroom.  It was good enough to show off during a Face Time conversation Tuesday evening.  He laughed, and said it looked good.  (I had been slightly worried that he wouldn't be keen on me doing a major change like that without consulting him.)

I was a total cheater, and left the doors on the vanity while I was staining.

I'm not done with the bathroom yet.  I want to paint the walls blue.  I also would love to switch out the light fixture above the mirror, and replace the Pergo wood floors with something less worrisome around water.  I figured I should at least wait for Ryan's input for those things.  I will probably paint sooner rather than later, but the others will likely wait until we are done paying off student loans.

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Lynn Williamson said...

I love it! The stain gave the vanity a good contrast with the rest of your bathroom. And it seems like you're not done yet! I hope to see how everything turns out after you're done with all your plans for the bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders